What is your 2020 VISION?

November 22, 2010 by: admin

I am thinking about all of you as I wrap up an amazing couple of weeks. My life is full of abundance and personal we-alth. I served with friends and colleagues of mine and shared my tools and skills at the Anthony Robbins’ events on Loch Lomond, Scotland. Then I went on to favorite spots of mine  – Milan, Venice, Florence and the Lake Country in the north. I visited great friends in beautiful settings.

The entire time I had an undercurrent in the back track of my mind planning and getting excited about what is next. It is all about YOU! As I have written several times and asked….What does the Road ahead of you look like? Is there a plan? Do you know where you will be in 10 years? If you had known you would be right here…in this place that you are sitting in right now, would you have done anything different?

What would your plan have looked like if you had made one?

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I realized as I looked over the Grand Canal on Rialto Bridge the water, like time, will flow by no matter whether you plan or not. Where will you be in 2020? What is your 2020 VISION? Do you have one?

Certainly I don’t believe we are all supposed to want the same thing. Some of you would rather spend your time baking the most magnificent chocolate cake on the planet and serve it to your family for Saturday night dinner. Some of you would love the luxury to go back to school and
pursue the courses you never could because you had to do what was practical…or you had to just work and support your family. Perhaps some of you would love to investigate a sport or dance or an instrument? There are thousands of directions you might choose.

What is on that road of yours? What is the course that is set before you? It is not for any of us to march out on someone else’s path…but to run your own race with all you’ve got….First you must decide …what is that course.

I am thrilled that the panel of experts I have gathered for the Road to We-alth Creation Summit that are going to be a start to help you create 2020 Vision. Elisabeth Donati, Pamela Yellen, Linda Hardenstein, and Scott Harris are going to give it all they’ve got. You are the benefactors of their combined years of Wealth Creation Knowledge!!

This is your first step to being unhindered on your Road to Wealth Creation. Put your key in the ignition…start your engine …press the accelerator and lets go!!

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