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November 13, 2010 by: admin

November 29,30 & December 1,2

What are you doing to insure your future? Are you going to have a wealthy 2nd ½? Are you able to really Bank on Yourself? Have you got a roadmap to Wealth Creation? Do you have Mentors in your life to help you make millions?

Everyone else out there is talking all about prosperity and abundance and really all they are doing is redistributing funds. They teach you how to take money from ABC and move it around to LMNO…or  XYZ.

Let’s be clear …this is NOT that!

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This is about being smart….which we know you are because you are here!

So here are just a couple of reasons why you want be there.

1.    You will learn how to actually get ready so you can make money! You will actually take what is stopping that from happening and clear it away for your life.

2.    What if you knew what to do with the wealth once you had it ?  How could you change your world if you had the tools to do it…if nothing was stopping you?

3.    Don’t have enough time? Or other resources?

Here is the biggest question…what if all it took was listening in to the most outstanding experts and learning to implement and execute their ideas….This is worth thousands in the marketplace….and people are paying that to have the mentoring from our experts.
This is your chance to make it happen….just in time to put it into play for 2011.

Remember, participation is worth a 10% discount on the Dec/Jan sessions for the Dynamic Life Plan.

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Our amazing experts are

Elisabeth Donati~
Elisabeth is an expert in teaching the basic financial principles everyone needs in a way that is engaging, empowering and fun.

Linda Hardenstein~
Linda will help you reclaim and re-energize your business and your life.

Pamela Yellen~
Pamela will show you how to grow and protect your we-alth, even when stocks, real estate and other in*vestments tumble.

Plus advice from Scott Harris and surprise, superstar B0NUS December call.

Join us!

==> Register now for NO-COST!

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