Is Your Life Fulfilling?

October 21, 2010 by: admin

Good afternoon! It’s Cynthia Freeman, with a mission for you to make the 2nd 1/2 the Best 1/2. What have you done recently to make ANY area of your life even more sensational?? I’d love to hear!

Is it just a coincidence or am I right on time? I just finished recording a weeks worth of coaching tips on Living Life on Purpose with Passion  … This is a daily set of tips geared to Make the 2nd 1/2 the Best 1/2! Then there in my mailbox is the November issue of “O” magazine…With ‘What is Your Calling? …Living a Fulfilled life’. Okay! Dynamic Life is VERY current!

So, out of curiosity… is your life fulfilling?

Could you add passion …some juicy ingredients…into what you are already doing? Or…do you need to shift gears, change directions, and create something in your life you feel excited about? What exactly ARE you passionate about? I coached a client last week that said she had accomplished her goals and she was just _____ (that’s a flatline!) She just wants to be happy. Fair enough…and what exactly IS that? What we discovered is that she wouldn’t have known it if she hit it. She wasn’t clear about what “happy” actually meant. It was undefined. How clear are YOU about what you want? Are your targets clearly defined. Would you know it if you hit it?

Perfect! Because we are beginning a simple, easy, affordable series in Nov.: Creating your Dynamic Life Plan. 4 sessions PLUS a bonus session. Plus LOTS of bonuses.

What perfect timing! It is THE way to make the NEXT decade the BEST decade. If you are unsure of what direction to take OR how to juggle it all OR how to find more hours OR you just need someone to assist and hold your hand to insure you FINALLY do it. Join me!

Register here by NOVEMBER 1st and receive a FREE 1:1 coaching session with Dynamic Life’s MASTER COACH Cynthia Freeman. Let her guide you to YOUR Dynamic Life. Isn’t it time to make the NEXT decade the BEST decade?

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