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April 22, 2011 by: admin

You CAN find and marry the love of your life-especially when you are crystal clear what you are looking for. If you’ve been coaching for any length of time, like I have, you see a smorgasbord of topics, issues and challenges face you head on; it’s my responsibility to navigate a way to a great solution.

One topic, however, that shows up more than almost all others…finding real, true, LASTING LOVE.

In my 19 years of coaching I’ve had hundreds of opportunities to work with individuals and couples on finding, improving or repairing their love relationship.

A fun exercise I love doing is have a room full of individuals write down a list of all the things they are looking for in a mate. Every time when they have finished, without fail, people sit with the list in hand, proud and smug. I ask them to look over what they have written on their list. Then I ask them to tell me who this person is. Do they recognize the person? They look up at me stunned and/or grinning, unanimously.

The person they have described is none other than himself or herself! Ahhhhh, but not just themselves, the PERFECT version of themselves!

What becomes rapidly apparent is that the focus has always been to find and improve them self.

Do you want a relationship that will be passionate? Do you want one that is exciting? Do you want your relationship to be compatible and complementary and meet your needs and desires?

Well, it’s tough to know who you need if you don’t truly know yourself!

In my coaching one of my clients had success in every area except his love life. Success in this area had eluded him. When he discovered who he was with his strengths and his limitations, he was clear what he needed in a partner that would complement him NOT compete with him. He noticed the traits where if she were strong also there would be friction. He saw glaring gaps as well.

Once clear of what he really needed in a spouse to have it passionate, and long lasting, he attracted that person into his life. Not long after he called and said ” it worked!”, “she’s it, she’s the whole package”, I’ve found her and we’re getting married”.

I was blessed to be among the ones who witnesses the exchange of vows. It is wonderful to hear the reports as they enjoy the give and take and passion of being with the right one.

Whether it’s finding the love of your life or learning who you and your partner are so you can maximize and capitalize those differences. Take my simple Personality Assessment. Discover your strengths and learn from your limitations to better every relationship.

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