About Cynthia

Cynthia Freeman, speaker, author, coach, life strategist and successful MOM, has one mission: To show women how to create a life that’s vibrant, abundant and dynamic and make the second half of their lives the BEST half!

In her twenty years of coaching, corporate training and speaking, Cynthia has met and worked with people on 5 continents. Included in her clients are major C-level executives, managing directors and company owners. While these incredible leaders have titles, long lists of degrees and accomplishments and all the benefits of life experience, too often they have lacked the skills and strategies they need to createthe life they truly desire. They may have the skills to make money or to have a career but they are dissatisfied with their life in whole.Their Life is not DYNAMIC!

Years ago, finding herself stranded with two young children, a mortgage and swimming in massive debt, Cynthia was one of these people. All the degrees and knowledge meant nothing when she realized how few financial skills she had arrived at adulthood with. Without a husband, a corporate job or her parents to depend on, she was left with the most powerful resource she had— herself.

Armed with a newfound strength and the drive to succeed, she gathered the tools she needed through books and seminars and rallied. Cynthia quickly found that she had a knack for creating and implementing business systems that brought her to a successful hands-on career as a thriving real estate agent.

Cynthia sprinted towards success, garnering elite level sales performance and was named the #1 Realtor in North Orange County for five consecutive years. She set sales records in 1992, one of the worst years on record for the Orange County Real Estate Market, selling a record 150 properties worth nearly twenty million dollars.

In just two short years, the consumer debt was paid, her mortgage was managed and there was money in the bank. Even more, she had found a way to juggle the seemingly impossible task of having successful and dynamic career, raising two children, and still managing to have a life!

Cynthia set out to coach and train leaders and executives around her to do the same.

She sets an example for women in particular to approach life’s challenges “unreasonably” by obtaining what they thought, or were told, was impossible. She is an active, dynamic motivator to those seeking to reach extraordinary performance, vibrant health and longevity, engaging life-long friendships and relationships and rich fulfilling lives.

In the last two decades she’s built an international reputation as a life strategist and executive coach, delivering results-oriented training and coaching for organizations and companies in over 50 countries across the globe. She is well versed in the business and entertainment industry and has coached and trained teams at Cisco, AOL/Time Warner, ABC, and NBC, and the creator of one of the largest entertainment franchises.

She has personally coached over three thousand individual clients in the U.S.A. Australia, Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia , toward achieving meaningful and lasting advancement in all areas of life and business.

With an expertise that encompasses a vast array of integrated success strategies in leadership, relationships, time management, health and fitness, organization and life balance, Cynthia’s passion still lies in her mission— inspiring women that are turning the corner on midlife to realize and remember that the second half of their life is the BEST half!

Cynthia is a Master Certified Coach, a senior trainer and facilitator for Robbins Research International and has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from UCLA. A fourth-generation resident of Orange County, California, Cynthia divides her time between homes in Newport Beach, Mammoth Lakes and Palm Springs. Her two children, now in their early twenties, are supporting themselves and are passionately and successfully pursuing their dreams.